What Moves Us

Customized service, simplify and adding value.

Action verbs that, in ZOME, we transform into working tools and foundations that keep us motivated.


Here you will find at your service the stability of nearly 20 years of experience on the real estate market, with the energy of a continuous evolving company, and every time more focused in assuring you the best real estate experience in the market.


ZOME is a positive place, it´s your comfort zone, it´s where our consultants and experienced coaching teams create bonds so they can be at your side all the step of this huge task of pursuing, purchasing and selling a house.


More than just the house will be focusing this experience in what truly matters to you and your well being.


The ZOME real estate Hubs are aggregators, modern and agile spaces, and where more than 950 professionals with a unique technical background work together to offer you all the assistance, simplicity and happiness you seek for.


An international net with strong roots in Portugal and Spain expanding worldwide.

Our people make us unique

So that happiness can get to you, first, it has to begin on the well being of our people.


In a creative and dynamic environment that encourages sharing and cooperation, we build a more solid base for personal growth for those who work in ZOME.


This DNA of permanent attention to our people is actually the centre of the public acknowledgement of ZOME as “the best place to work in the real estate market”.

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