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Customer service

Customer service

Having a unique experience and background on the real estate market, ZOME consultants put all their effort in presenting you the best customer assistance, guiding you with the maximum trust and leading directly to your personal needs and ambitions.

From this moment forward, we will create a bond, we will hear carefully to all of your expectations because, from now on, you and your happiness will be our top priority. We will always communicate. A lot! Because it is very important you feel that we are with you every step of the way.

From this moment on I want full customer service.


ZOME consultants have a unique background in the real estate market based on sharing professional experiences and strengthened by applied neuroscience which allows them to simplify and make more effective their real estate experience.

What if you had access to an innovating technology platform, supported by the latest technological trends such as artificial intelligence allowing you to simplify all the communication, procedures, consultation and browsing?

That´s what you’ll find in ZOME.

Leave behind all your paper work nightmares because in ZOME you’ll find the full support of an experienced and multidisciplinary team so that your real estate experience exceeds your expectations.

From this moment on I want to keep it simple.


Our greater value is to deliver happiness!

Set yourself free from worries and earn, instead, quality time to spend in what really makes you happy.

We work daily to add value to your life presenting you the best guidance you need so that, together, we can achieve our best results.

With ZOME, you will never feel lost or left alone and you will find something priceless: maximum tranquillity, reliability and comfort all the way!

From this moment on I want to be happy.

This was undoubtedly the best real estate experience I have ever had to date. Thank you for your professionalism, competence and dynamics.

André Sobral 

My experience with Zome was quite positive. I only have positive aspects to mention. I am very satisfied!

Joana Ferreira 

I was especially pleased with the effectiveness of the service provided by Zome. The process was extremely simple and quick, having been an excellent experience for me and my family.

Ruben Brandão 

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